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Juno in Leo or 5 th House : A want ad for this Juno may mention wanting to start an empire with someone and who helps you feel seen or inspired to build an empire. Think twice about someone who is just charming but not able to see you as well. Possible meeting spots could be anywhere with the best and brightest, the hot new restaurant that is hard to get in to. Keep an eye on patterns of getting too obsessed with intelligence that it loses an emotional bond.

This person could very well be right under your nose, as a neighbor, or someone you see at the grocery store. Juno in Libra or 7 th House : An equal and complement would be the qualities that motivate Juno in Libra most. This sign is closely connected to Libra so aesthetically oriented places such as an art museum or shopping mall. June in Scorpio or 8 th House : Deep soul and intimate bonding create the drive for this asteroid placement. However, lack of intimacy can be mistaken for intensity or power struggles, so keep an eye on the difference between the two.

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These partners could be found at an empowering workshop or another place of vulnerability. Juno in Sagittarius or 9 th House : This combo craves a vision keeper and idealist, or someone to wax poetic about philosophy or travel the world together. The mundane day-to-day relating could feel less interesting with your partner, though a necessary part of bringing it into reality.

THE POWER OF LOVE - How to find HUSBAND / WIFE through ASTROLOGY - JUNO, asteroid of Marriage.

Perhaps you meet them while traveling or at a mind-expanding conference. Juno in Capricorn or 10 th House : Capricorn Juno is motivated by stability and security in a partner, both financially and emotionally. Things to watch out for would be wanting someone who acts as an authority over instead of a balance of power. These ideal long-term connections could show up in work situations or related events. Juno in Aquarius or 11 th House : A quirky or inventive person who keeps you on your toes or helps you lean you more into your creative side.

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The downside of this placement might mean someone who could be a bit off in the clouds in their own endeavors. Community connections are ideal for Aquarius energy to expand so attending Meetups or other similar events could be key to meeting this special someone.

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LEO: Having juno in Leo can indicate wanting a partner who brings out that childlike warmth side of you just like Gemini but the difference between Leo Juno and Gemini juno is that Gemini juno does this through wit and adventure and Leo Juno does this through romance, humor, and loyalty. Leo Juno people want to be the spotlight in their partners life and they definitely want that fiery yet warm passion.

The feminine energy surrounding Virgo juno people can be brought out in the weirdest of ways sometimes. You want someone who accepts you for you quirks and all and someone who can support you emotionally, mentally, and even physically. You want to feel connected with them even through all of the standards because as critical you can be of finding a partner, you can also be critical of yourself so having someone who understands you, loves you anyway, and reassures you is a good feeling for you.

For Libra, everything is about harmony, love, and commitment. They want to have their life together and be with someone who also has their life together.

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They want someone who reflects their wants and needs and a lot of it is based on equality and needing balance physically, emotionally, and mentally. Libra juno is a romantic at heart so even though they want what they want and have standards, they also crave romance and someone who can tap into their senses especially intimately. You get what you give with Libra juno. Someone with this placement is likely to be intense with the person they want long term but they are also attracted to intense types and just people who can handle these qualities about them.

Scorpio juno wants a ride or die relationship. Capricorn juno wants commitment. We can be committed to a person, an ideology, a spiritual path, manifesting an inspired idea — whatever it may be, those commitments are going to need Capricorn-like attention as we move through these intense transits.

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Because Uranus is a planet of the collective, I believe that as Venus and Mars transit past it, tempers will flare. We are building toward a Leo full moon in the sun sign of Aquarius during a very intense political climate, and it is very clear to me that things are going to change and we are never coming back. We are launching on a new journey, Heretics, so who do you want to make that journey with? Who do you swear your allegiance to?

Juno in Capricorn asks you if it is something tangible — something real and solid so we can make this climb — or is it a divisive ideology that poisons the mind? It is time to evaluate what is necessary for our next journey, and it is time to evaluate who we trust to take it with us — who we trust to lead us through it. Who will help you grow through the chaos?

Venus enters Scorpio

What people? What higher ideals, if any at all? What goals? These are the areas of life that will be tested come the next 6 months.

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