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Lets keep the ball rolling. So grateful for your well-timed poetry and courageous vulnerability. I am a student of Astrology because of your radio show. My transits are giving this water child much opportunity to learn to do Fire, to turn on my Observer, and to distinguish my emotional body from the Collective. Grateful for all the Air and Earth to be a student of myself. Love to us all in the seasons of Light and Quiet.

Jupiter is my morning guide here in chilly Seattle! Hi Debra, My prayers are with you. Thank you for your wonderful teachings this year. They saved me- no kidding. You are a genius!! Jane Reilly.

50 Sagittarius Celebrities to Wish a Happy Birthday in 12222

Debra…you listen up…. This is your Scorpio Mama Tess from the Catskills howlin and a barkin at you like the mama wolf nippin at your paws…. Peace and Love…. Thank you, Debra.

I absolutely love your work and videos. We are experiencing immense growing pains. It takes so much effort to maintain any sense of center right now in this world. I guess that is the task we are practicing. So much love and gratitude for you, thank you!

Thank you for sharing this Debra. It is a lot of Sag to handle but have been much less reactionary and just keep going in to reflect and get the higher wisdom. It is nice to know I am on track.

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Double Sag living in a double Sag sky right here. I love this post! This is my brain daily — wrestling the big issues of the world and consciousness simultaneously with the issues of my own life. I love the advice to consume spiritual programs and books. Those are illusions within an illusion. They only serve to trigger your subconscious emotional responses which do not come from our highest level of consciousness. You can only digest so much information in any moment. Remind others to pull away from it and make changes within their own lives. It is a simple shift of energy in your own life that can actually influence the collective.

Surrender, accept where we are right now, pray and visualize the change you want to see…then be that in your own life. Now I have to get back to my schedule, sigh…. Things are moving and adjusting nicely.

Sagittarius Traits

Stay tuned! Website by Growth Gurus. I just had a sad excuse to stop time. This is so NOT Sagittarius; however, what I did while I was down for the count was very Sagittarius… I and whoever I could enroll spent hours watching spiritual videos. One of the topics that especially affects me is refugees… It hits close to home.

Sending my love during this dark sky. Sending love, Debra Get astrological insights delivered right to your inbox!

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