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The test for Jupiter, for example, is here: How Strong is your Jupiter? The points awarded for Sagittarius on the Midheaven are 5; the points for Jupiter on the Midheaven are Jupiter, then, is roughly double the strength of Sagittarius.

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Under major transits or progressions, the degree on the Midheaven reflects the timing of important changes in the career or status of an individual. Therefore, in vocational astrology, an accurate birth time becomes crucial. The Midheaven is time-sensitive, in that it changes by one zodiac degree for every four minutes in birth time.

When slow-moving planets like Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto transit the Midheaven, a difference of as little as ten minutes between the real and reported birth times can throw forecasts off by two years or more.

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Astrology Groups and Publications. Your entire identity and life is shaped from so many things other than your Sun Sign. Your Moon Sign represents more of your Emotional Side, your subconscious in a way as well. Also, whatever sign you have as your moon sign, you tend to carry traits from that specific sign.

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Your Your MC Or Midheaven is your career or life path, basically like how you tend to approach your life goals and sorts. All these things combined create the person you are. ALSO, the environment you grew up in, the things you have witnessed and endured, the family that raised you, the people you hung around with truly influenced you as you grew older.

For example: I was born on March 21, Pisces My Midheaven: Sagittarius You can truly find more about yourself if you read about your own horoscope, you can get very very into yourself IF you know your birthtime. However, if you only know your birthplace and birthdate, then you can only truly know your Moon Sign and Sun Sign only. IMO its a pretty good website that goes into depth about your horoscope.


If at the least you know your Sun and Moon sign, look it up on google and you can find a PDF that has a good description about yourself. What if their moon is Aries? There can surely be some inconsistencies with how you guys handle issues.