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Cap off the day by giving some attention to your sociable side at LIC Bar. Your sign has energy to burn, so hit your steps before noon with a ramble through Central Park , which has some 26, trees and almost 60 miles of hiking and walking trails. A delicious breakfast is a great way to start. You may even get some free orange slices and coffee while you wait in line, appeasing your appetite and appealing to your thriftiness. Hey, twin s. After picking up a few cool zines and new activist friends, put your indecisiveness to rest and your adventurousness to the test at Gem.

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The creative course roughly menu is set in advance—by a year-old! You tend to be a homebody—but life is just as much fun when you break out of your shell, Cancer. Your sign enjoys history and can be patriotic, which makes a visit to Lower Manhattan ideal.

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Jealousy is also a danger, and you can sharpen your snooping skills over at Spyscape. Virgos are exacting creatures: meticulous, good with numbers and attentive to detail. Those born under this studious sign will also be drawn to the bookish treasures of the Morgan Library and Museum. The former home of Wall Street titan J. Morgan, it houses historic books and manuscripts, including three of the remaining copies of the famed Gutenberg Bible. Like Mr.

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Morgan did, Virgos have serious skills in money management—and you probably saved some of that dough as an avid bargain hunter. Perhaps you belong back in the s, you lover of peace and harmony. At the least, you deserve to find places in the City that you can bring you in balance. You may even hear someone strumming the song that gives this John Lennon memorial its name; in any case, all he was saying was give peace a chance. Where you seek peace, you also look for justice. As you strive for equilibrium, you also have a problem saying no.

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Where to next? Intense and passionate, Scorpio needs something spicy: try the Roni Supreme pie at Emmy Squared , with pepperoni and just the right amount of Calabrian chili oil.

Down-to-earth yet exacting, Capricorns can ride that elusive groove between the spontaneous and the traditional in NYC. The Neue Galerie New York , an often-overlooked Fifth Avenue gem stocked by legendary art dealer Serge Sabarsky, has a handful of intricately crafted clocks on display that should suit your need for precision. EN Doing Business? Cookies Policy We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

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The Seasons. Explore Things to Do. Plan Your Trip. Personalize Your Trip. Stay Hotels by Category. He was to become the most famous astrologer of the era, reading the palms and telling the fortunes of everyone from Oscar Wilde to the Prince of Wales the future Edward VII and General Kitchener to prime minister William Gladstone. Naylor as he preferred to be known. Lo and behold, in Edward, Duke of Windsor, abdicated in favour of his younger brother.


That ground-breaking column aroused enormous interest, triggering many requests from readers for further forecasts, so a second article was published a week later looking at the horoscopes of those born in September. Before long every big-selling national newspaper was running its own horoscope column, although Naylor was the undisputed king of newspaper astrologers, receiving up to 28, letters a week. If he said that Monday was a bad day for buying, then the buyers of more than one West End store waited for the stars to become more propitious.

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